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Henry Nelson


Filmmaker/video editor in Ann Arbor

Demo Reel

Demo Reel

My Work

Public Promotion


I create promotional videos for Ann Arbor City Council Member Elizabeth Nelson.

I also produce select videos for her TikTok.


A2Council Update


A2 Update is a series of video summaries released twice a month to help residents follow the work of Ann Arbor City government. A2 Update uses primary sources from public meetings and on-location video to illustrate and provide background on local policy decisions. 

My work
About me

About me

I work as a filmmaker. I'm very flexible in working with clients. Contact me about what you would like filmed, and I can capture your vision.

I work as a video editor. Given existing footage and assets, I can edit, add graphics, design sound, and generate any other features to make a project that meets your needs.

In addition to making videos for Council Member Elizabeth Nelson, I also work for the Ann Arbor Trinity Lutheran Church. For six months, I edited weekly Worship Service videos. I currently operate a three camera system for their live stream Worship Services.

I use Adobe programs. (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects)


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